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In Lithuania, Latvia and Ukraine

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Skaidras has been an official Sky-Frame partner since 2014. We have implemented over 30 projects in Lithuania, Latvia and Ukraine. We ensure the entire project process from the initial drawings to the installation and maintenance of windows.

The frameless sliding windows combine Swiss quality and aesthetic appeal eliminating the boundaries between inside and outside. They are designed to let the light, the sky and the view take the focus. Paradox, but the most beautiful windows are invisible. Hence, a view, not a window. With Sky-Frame’s technology heights of up to 6 meters and U values of 0.8 are possible. All the components of Sky-Frame fit so perfectly that huge sliding windows can be opened or closed with just a slight touch of hand.

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„A view, not a window“

Kaunas, LT / Architecture: UrbonDesign / Photography: ©Norbert Tukaj


With ceiling-high door panels, as well as organically curved and inclined glass units, Sky-Frame is the key to individual spatial concepts and extraordinary architecture.

True to the Bauhaus vision of “free-flowing space”, the sliding doors open up the living area with a flush transition. This allows inside and outside to merge seamlessly into one another. Thanks to the timeless frameless door design, the view is elevated to a fascinating design element. The Sky-Frame technology is 100% Swiss-made and stands for precise engineering and the pursuit of the best possible window.

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